MDM for Parental Control

The Internet provides a window to the world, bringing its knowledge to your device; unfortunately there is a dark side to it when it comes to underaged users. How to shield youth from harmful content such as porn, gambling, drugs, violence, predators, cyber bullying etc.?  

This is where Parents and Internet Providers can join forces to protect impressionable young minds. Internet Providers can play an important role by using and offering new efficient Parental Control solution taking into consideration the mobile apps booming and the flourish of new devices (tablet, smartphones…)

Just like any other tool, parental control can only help parents do their job, it cannot and should not, replace them.
In the end, the best kind of parental control comes from mutual trust between parents and children.

This article suggests some key features that should be included in any Parental Control Solution deemed good.

Recommended Features :

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  • MDM (mobile device management)/Agent Application
    • Agnostic Network (3G, DSL, Wifi…)
    • Parents Secret Code to prevent the children from uninstalling the software

  • Multi devices
    • Works on all types of devices (desktop PC, laptop computers, Android tablets and smartphones, iPhone, iPad, etc.).
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  • Secure Browser  
    • Internet Filtering (categories by age)
    • A Secured Search Engine for young children (restricted key words)
    • Provide Statistics: websites visited and time spent on each device.
    • To whitelist and blacklist URL domains/websites.
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  • Application Control  
    • Management of applications (Enable/Block apps on Android, IOS...)
    • In-app purchase control
    • Authorization request for new Apps Download, sent to Parents By Email/Web Portal notification
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  • Time management  
    • Control of the time spent
    • Planning/schedule management (To define authorized/unauthorized time slots)
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  • Web Portal for Parents
    • Link to a friendly web portal interface that allows them to configure and monitor their children’s devices

Based on our experience and testing of different solutions available now on the market, we believe that filtering platforms connected to internet service provider’s gateway,  are not sufficient for the following reason :

Parents need to protect their children anytime anywhere, not only at home and not only over the operator’s network

Any MDM or agent application solution should meet this need and offer around the clock protection regardless of location, choice of device, chosen internet provider or internet access.

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