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Managed Video Services (MVS) is the latest offering from Data Consult’s cloud services portfolio. This service is powered by GlobalCom Data Services (GDS), the leading data services provider in Lebanon.

MVS offers enterprise-grade High-Definition video conferencing experience at a subscription fee, helping businesses complete their collaboration strategies without the considerable IT investment. It runs on any type of hardware end-point as well as software endpoints integrating with commercial video applications like Skype and Cisco Jabber. Leveraging the connection to GDS local network, MVS also offers a conferencing portal to organize all sessions.

Data Consult had the pleasure to showcase this service to Let's do Video, one of the leading IT innovation discussion boards, setting the worldwide strategy in video conferencing. We held a pleasant video call discussion with David Maldow, the founder of Let's do Video, and described this service advantages while trying out the functionalities.

The discussion was posted on Let’s Do Video blog on Feb 11, 2015

If you would like to experience this service at your office, please click on the below link to try it out: 

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