Lebanon Smart City Experience

On Saturday 16th of September, 2017, Ogero in collaboration with Data Consult  launched the first smart city in Lebanon at BeitMisk.
This project has been initiated by Ogero a few months ago, as part of its nationwide digital strategy. One of the objectives Ogero is aspiring to achieve, is to build a nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network. Given its expertise in IoT and Smart technologies, Data Consult was chosen to launch the first prototype of a smart city at BeitMisk.

Getting to a smart city is a process that combines three steps. First, Data Consult had to digitize the physical elements of the city which was done by installing sensors and actuators over the city, the second step was to connect these elements through a wireless network to a digital platform that was developed specifically for this purpose, and the final step was to analyze the massive flow of data, through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For this, Data Consult partnered with Cisco and Actility and developed its in-house software that was hosted on Google Cloud. An intelligence layer was added to provide insights and predictive analytics that allow for a better decision making process.

This solution enables BeitMisk Facility Management Team, to view, in real time, different readings related to water levels, energy consumption and environmental conditions. They are also able to control different water pumps, and be alerted in case of fire or any equipment malfunction.

In addition, Data Consult installed Air Quality Sensors that measure the level of pollutants in the air. The results are a testimony of the well thought of decision to build this city in this particular location.
BeitMisk tenants were also able to visualize all sorts of data by interacting with a chatbot, developed by Data Consult using Facebook messenger.

"The result is a city that is sustainable, saves on energy, and provides a better citizen experience" as Mr. Marc Nader, Data Consult's COO, stated.
This achievement is considered a major turning point in Lebanon. The fact that Data Consult was able to install, activate and start the analytical process in a relatively short period of time and with an affordable investment, has opened the road to other cities in Lebanon to follow suit.
From traffic control to waste management, to decreasing pollution, the possibilities are endless and because this technology is scalable and secure, it can cater to bigger cities such as Beirut, or any other large city that would like to provide its residents with a modern and improved citizen experience.

The below video sums up the whole Smart City Experience in Lebanon:

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